Techn'hom's commercial property offering

Techn'hom commercial property features

TANDEM proposes a range of service and industrial spaces on the Techn'hom site. Competitive prices, flexible leases, associated services: set up your offices in one of the most attractive business parks in the East of France. A constantly changing park.

Do not hesitate to talk to us about your plans; TANDEM can organise lay-outs specifically for you.

  • Service premises : from 70 m², commercial leases
  • Manufacturing premises : from 200 m², commercial leases
  • Business centre and living spaces : pre-fitted offices from 10 to 70 m² with shared facilities (meeting rooms, training rooms, video-conference room) with flexible rental facilities (from half a day to one year). 
  • Craft and production business facility : pre-fitted offices from 200 m², possibility of adjoining offices, common spaces, flexible lease and surface areas.


  • Service premises : from 85 to 160 € excluding charges/m²/year*
  • Production premises : from 50 € excluding charges/m²/year*

Commercial and professional leases, temporary lease agreements.

These prices may vary as a function of the required facilities and the type of service provided.

Major growth sectors present in the business park

  • Energy valley : General Electric, many sub-contractors and service provided
  • Telecommunications : Orange, Téléperformance, Carlson Wagons-Lits
  • Corporate services : design offices, IT, facilities management, communications etc.
  • Research and Development : UTBM, national fuel cell research centre
  • SMEs and small craft companies