Sustainable development

A park with ISO 14001 accreditation

Techn'hom has been certified ISO 14001 since February 2010. Certification is granted for a 3-year period; the park will be audited again in June 2012. This initiative, engaged at regional level, has resulted in 6 major parks in the Franche-Comté being certified since 2004; it is a unique initiative in France.

In the wake of the improvements brought about by certification, TANDEM will offer its customers at Techn'hom a waste collection and sorting system that should be operational at the beginning of 2013.
Techn'hom will rely on the expertise of the Sem Franche-Comté GIE to follow up certification.

Bikes at Techn'hom

Bike parc at Techn'hom

If you travel by bicycle, you should know that the entire park possesses covered bike parks. Several cycle tracks cross or run alongside the park and join up with municipal and departmental roads.

Consult the cycle tracks identified by the Veloxygene association


Public transport

Public transport is a priority for the Belfort area. The Optymo network has been brought right up to date in recent years.

Since the network has been updated, bus lines operate in the Territory in the evenings and on Sunday ranging from "on demand" transport for rural communities, extra services serving the new TGV station, a real-time passenger information system, an on-line journey planner and an SMS ticket service for occasional users.

For regular passengers, a free, personal smart card system (Optymo pass) records your trip each time you get on board. You receive the bill the following month, based on a price of 0.80€/journey.
The bill is capped at 31 € per month, and any further journeys made are free. And it starts again the following month. If you do not take the bus, obviously you will not receive a bill.
This is an innovative and economic system, because you only pay for what you actually consume. This system brings the end to season ticket systems that have to be constantly topped up or are not used.

Techn'hom is served by several Optymo bus lines: starting at Techn'hom, line 3 stops at the Belfort railway station, the TGV station, the UTBM campus at Sévenans and line 2 serves the old town. Line 6 also stops in the old town and at Faubourg de France.

The route planner is available on the Optymo website enabling you to prepare your travel arrangements.

  • Line 2: Cravanche <> Valdoie (several stops)
  • Line 3: Eloie/Près d'Aumont <> TGV station /Châtenois (stops at Techn'hom 1-UTBM, IUT, Techn'hom 2 and Techn'hom 3)
  • Line 6: Offemont <> Bavilliers (stopping at Bohn)
  • Suburban lines 37 and D

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