Two inter-company canteens

La Découverte and Le Pilotis are two company self-service restaurants open to everyone from Monday to Friday from 11.30 to 13.30

LA DÉCOUVERTE                            
Techn'hom 4
10 rue de la Découverte

Inaugurated on 6th January 2014, la Découverte is intended for employees working in the northern sector of Techn'hom.
Located in Alstom's previous general warehouse, it replaces the 3 Chênes company restaurant in rue Charles Bohn..

Techn'hom 1
Rue de l'Etang


Situated alongside the Bull lake, this inter-company restaurant provides a pleasant atmosphere with a lake view.


AURIE members
If your company is a member of AURIE (Techn'hom collective catering management association), you can use both restaurants with your badge; you benefit from a reduced price, your account is debited when you go through the cash desk.

You can also participate actively in the organisation of the Techn'hom collective catering organisation by becoming a voluntary AURIE member.

If your company is not an AURIE member, if you have luncheon vouchers, or you use the inter-company restaurants only occasionally, you can apply for a badge that can be topped up directly in the restaurant or pay by banker's card, cash or luncheon voucher.

Contact Aurie, Techn'hom's inter-company catering management association

+33 (0)3 84 26 22 23

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